Aoi Yuki sucks of her customers after serving them

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Aoi Yuki is a cute little french maid in a cafe. She works hard and greets every customer with a warm, sexy smile on her face. Two men are sitting in a bar, whispering to each other. They are eager to see Aoi Yuki because they heard she does extra things for the customers to make their stay more pleasing. She serves them and then gets ready for a ‘Sizzling Blowjob’. She kneels down and gets the whole cock down her throat. The men are amazed and blown away. Yuki moves down and gets the balls deep inside her mouth. After the cock explodes in her mouth she plays with her cum and then the other man wants some too. She gives the same treatment but since this cock was a bit larges she was choking. She grabs the balls, nibbles and teases and soon, her mouth is once again filled with cum.
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