Rui Natsukawa gets hardcore fucked by the Yakuza’s chauffeur

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Rui Natsukawa had her fair share of adventure for today. First she managed to make a Yakuza boss beg on his knees for a mere blowjob then she continuously teased him with her hairy slit until his cock almost busts with passion. The car she got into this morning finally brings her home and she flops down on the bed, exhausted. Suddenly she turns around and sees the chauffeur. He starts kissing and fondling her, not understanding why she is rather with the old man and not him. She gives her best to pull away but once he places a stimulating creme inside her slit she breaks under the pressure and lust. She strips and not sure why but she asks him to stimulate her. She is naked, fully under his spell while he sucks on her body and uses toys even after she squirts. He teases her quite a while before letting her suck his rock hard cock and have it deep inside her teased slit. After switching her through multiple poses and fucking her like a cheap whore he leaves her with a face full of cum.
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