Horny Fuwari gets her step-brother’s cock deep inside her mouth

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After coming home from school Fuwari greets her brother then quickly goes into her room. She wants to go out with her friends and need to change out of her uniform fast. Just after getting ready her boyfriend calls her and she ends up maturating on the phone. Suddenly she can hear a noise outside her room and realizes she was being watched by her step-brother. He rushes inside and starts fondling her. After making her cum multiple time it his turn to feel good. He tells her to strip her bra and then he licks up her pussy. She sucks on his nipples then gets his pants off and starts playing with his rock hard cock. She licks it up and lightly suckles on it. After deep-throating his rod she gets onto her knees and uses her hands and mouth to make it cum hard all over her face.
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