Perfect maid Iori Mizuki gets delivered in mail to please her master

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Young, troubled hunk walking down the street, sad that he has so little contact with women. Home and alone, with no one to serve him her decides to order some food and until it arrives he goes to sleep. Not long and the doorbell rings. He rushes to open the door and keels over in surprise at the huge package that was delivered to him. After he is left alone he inspect the package, slightly afraid to open it. Once he does he is in shock. He finds a cute, naked Iori Mizuki inside and after reading the instructions he kisses and ‘activates’ her. Immediately she ask what she can do for her master and the horny hunk looses no time and puts her on her knees, making her sucks his throbbing cock. She uses her hands and quickens her pace making him cum inside her mouth, happily swallowing every drop.
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