Hot wife Myuu Tsubaki goes to a love hotel with an old lover

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While walking on a rainy day Myuu Tsubaki meets an old acquaintance. It’s been a while since they have seen each other and they talk about how they changed. Since both of them are currently busy they arrange a meeting for later. They were once lovers but married different people after breaking up. While in the office, Myuu Tsubaki gets horny while remembering their sex life. They decided to meet up in a love hotel. They have a nostalgic talk before getting into action. They strip and are in a tub together. Her tits are rubbed while they still remember the old days. She quickly gets horny while he suckles and teases the other nipple with his fingers. She gets his hard cock deep down her throat after her muff is teased. They get out and keeps playing with his rock hard toy after she rubs it with foam.
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