Aoba Itou gets fucked by her whole adoptive family

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After her parents passes away Aoba Itou had to move in with a family to survive. Since the firs day she got there she had to clean, cock and generally work hard to keep the others content. This was ok but the strange thing is how the people in the house get open about sex. First her ‘step-brother’ made her suck him off then she had to join in and fuck together with the mister and mistress of the house. Today she is once again cleaning and and old pappy behind her is complaining he hasn’t fucked in years. Since he has no relations with her he has a go with poor Aoba Itou. First he watches her rub and tease her slit, then she strips and reveals her dripping wet hole. After using vibrating toys and a massive dildo the grandpa gets rock hard ans as other family members join in she is completely used up and fucked.
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