Ai Uehara gets used as a sex object by her caretakers

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Ai Uehara’s parents died and she was left alone. With no relatives wanting her she spent the next six months waiting to be adopted. She then got lucky and a seemingly nice family has taken her in. She was very wrong. They turned out to be awful people who have been using her as a maid and a sex object… Today she prepared tee and took it to the master and misters of the house. They are watching porn and get really mad at Ai for not bringing snacks. By the time she returns the older couple is already indecent and masturbating. They make her watch and then join in. Her nipples are suckled and her hairy cunt is revealed. She is fingered and vibrating beads are placed inside her. She rubs together with the woman and then gets rammed with a dildo. She sucks cock and balls and gets fucked like a cheap piece of meat.
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