Makeup testing leads Yu Sakura and Yuri Aine into sucking

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Two lovely looking girls called Yu Sakura and Yuri Aine are in the front during a makeup presentation. Near the end Sakura is the firs one to gets a lipstick. She smears the bright color on her gorgeous looking lips and then hand the product to Yuri. The feel on their lips is wonderful, as well as the smell. Thew marketeer guarantee an lasting effect so the girls start rubbing and seductively licking up the lips. And it’s true. The lipstick hole. In order to further test the durability two men from the crowd come up and offer their cock for sucking. The gorgeous looking hotties fall to their knees and start licking. Yuri seems so be completely into is and makes light, seductive sounds while gobbling up the meaty rod in front of her. Sakura seems a bit reserved but still manages to get her fleshy pole deep down. The salesman works his charm and keeps convincing people to get more products. The babes make the cock cum and everyone is satisfied.
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