Nanako Misaki wants to quit but she ends up getting fucked hard

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After not getting enough respect and pleasure in her home and on her previous job Nanako Misaki stayed at home for a while hoping to smooth things out with her husband. After that fails as well she searches for another job. She is conflicted at first if she should accept the job she was offered or not. After one session she wonders what to do. She is back home, lost in her thoughts when her husband comes back. She flinches after realizing she hasn’t made any preparations for dinner. The atmosphere between them is frigid as always and while in bed she asks him what she should do about the job she acquired. The next day she goes to Yukari, her mentor and before she can tell her she wants to quit an unknown man gets inside her panties. After getting teased with toys she succumbs and gets fucked hardcore while Yukari was recording her.
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