Jun Kusanagi gets fucked by a teacher and her step-son

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Jun Kusanagi was left living with her step-son. As a full-time housewife she was bored and needy most of the time. One day while cleaning she got a pair of her step-son’s dirty underwear and she started masturbating. She was caught and sucked Ma-kun’s cock and they have been doing naughty things ever since. A teacher is over their place and wants to talk about Masashi-kun. He has been absent a lot and he worries he will repeat the year and won’t be able to get into college. Jun is concerned and asks if there is something she can do. The teacher gets greedy and starts groping the good looking wife. She is stretched out and licked in multiple poses, all for her step-son’s good. Ma-kun appears and is invited to play along. The two men sucks on her tits and use up her holes, leaving her full of cum.
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