Rui Hazuki gets fucked by a repairman

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Rui Hazuki does her best to continue with her daily chores after she was left so shamelessly on the roof top. Her lover startled her while doing laundry, made her super horny and after she sucked him off he just lest her there, unfulfilled and clutching her muff. Even now he is having fun in the garden while she does all the work. A repair man enters the house and starts fondling her. She is appalled but after hearing she has been seen while sucking cock she understands. She resists a bit but since she has been left so horny she lets him do whatever he wants. He rubs her delicate body all over and gets her naked. After teasing and spreading open her slit he licks her up and starts fingering her. She moans and gets wetter and hornier by each passing second. She slips his cock out and expertly blows it before hainf her holes fucked hared and filled with cum.
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